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What is Crypto Currency iPAY

iPAY is a coin which will create a special mark in the world of crypto currency Cryptocurrency. We are not like other crypto currencies, which are subject to the governance of Bitcoin and their unexpected fluctuations. We will retain the value that we hold in the market regardless of the time of saturation and always keep objective transparency in our development process. True, iPAY will be the financial instrument now and in future, that will be used for any globally executed transaction, this will be the most international standard crypto currency that you yourself, who have gone together with the project and owned it and makes it worth. We focus on markets regardless of distribution of any kind, with the closest connection from the bank or the service stalls. We ensure step-by-step implementation, ie. addressing the trading problems of all global transactions using iPAY crypto currency, in the future address up to 80% of financial transactions.

For a summary, iPAY is another gateway for a different global economy wherein users, suppliers, and consumers interact directly. The blockchain-based decentralization ecosystem iPAY will provide the appropriate means and set up relevant rules for participants in the system so that they can achieve benefits from current value-exchanging transactions, such as selling goods and services.

Users who participate the iPAY ecosystem as consumers will have access to an unlimited number of products as provided through iPAY's specific decentralization applications and those of a third-party that are subject to the same principles on the whole ecosystem.

Suppliers who meet the iPAY ecosystem criteria will have access to a robust consumer database to distribute their products at very competitive prices but still profitable. All proceeds from the sale will go directly to the supplier.

By using blockchain technology, iPAY allows purchase decisions are done based on transparent information. iPAY connects suppliers and consumers in an environment in which goods and services are controlled by the agreement of community and their real value. This is in contrast to the nowadays popular model, where big players with bulks of money can make their products as much as possible introduced to their customers, so sales depend on the products-to-customers advertisement, not the actual characteristics of the products.

For really care of each other, the vendor and consumer at iPAY will grow in organic numbering, this will be further supported by the basic mechanisms for managing social relationships and behaviors in the ecosystem according to the models and patterns that the social sciences have established


This is a conceptual document (“White Page”) that describes Ipay platform according to our proposal. This material may be revised or replaced any time. However, we are not liable to update the White Page or to provide recipients with access to any additional information. Readers should note the following: Not available to everyone: Ipay platform is not available to everyone. Public participation by proceeding a few of steps will include an obligatory supply of certain information and documentation. 780-408-8352

The diversial

Ecosystem of iPAY

With your smart phone, you just need to download iPAY mobile apps, and then you can start transferring money and making any payment with your clients, your partners, your suppliers… By using iPAY apps, there is no need filling out tons of annoying forms which is oppressively complex and time-consuming and may result in delay in getting business done.

Application in Transport – Crypto currency Transport coin (TSC)

Application in travelling - Crypto currency Travel coin (TVC)

Apllication in real estate – Crypto currency Real coin (REC)

Application in education - Hi Shool – Crypto currency Edu coin (EDC)

Application in health field – Crypto currency Medical (MDC)

Application in entertainment (game, lottery, football, horse racing…). Crypto currency Game coin (GAC)

Application in science and artificial intelligence – Crypto currency Science coin (SCC)


Fund Distribution

Ipay project allocates community development fund and Ipay project:

51% for the fundraising event ICO.

iPAY project and community development.

38% for ecosystem development iPAY.

8% for internal trading.

20% of the money to encrypt iPAY on the transaction floor into account. Simultaneously build and complete the trading floor of iPAY itself.

10% for ecommerce applications, utility app, initial applications.

6% for reserve.

Fund for communication work, return on investo.

5% team project.

These 40% will be issued to reward iPAY users for different useful behaviors—from making purchases to promoting products and extending iPAY’s user base.


How it all Started

Initialize the iPAY project Basic principles of iPAY iPAY, White Page, Roadmap Create modules and website ico: /www.ipay.company Initialize the Ico iPAY application
Initialize Crypto Currency iPAY
Initialize the iPAY community
MARCH 2018
iPAY join policy
APRIL 2018
Ico iPAY application, fundraising to develop IpayEx Project. Buy ico iPAY
MAY 2018
List on major international trading floors:
List Crypto currency Ipay on:
JULY 2018
Launch Global iPAY transaction floor:
Complete ecosystem of iPAY:
+ Complete e-commerce application for the community.
+ Complete app for transportation, education, …
Issue new crypto currencys on iPAY wallet for partners. Finalizing the fundraising crypto currency for partners. Building ecosystems for partners. Improve policies, promote and develop price increase policies.
Notice the next milestone
Our Partners


The ICO iPAY partners combines a passion for esports, industry experise & proven record in finance, development, marketing & licensing.