Automate Your Analytics

Nousot is an easy-to-use, relentlessly accurate, high-speed platform for data science work. It’s not a tool, but a modeler that’s always on, always learning, and always delivering intelligence to your business.


You Provide Your Data We Provide the World's We Deliver the Predictions

Nousot is an end-to-end data science solution. It requires no effort from your team beyond supplying historical data, and it returns insights you can act on with 100% confidence.

Set it and forget it. Nousot takes care of the rest.

How It Works

Your Data

Wherever you are with your data, Nousot meets you there. We require no minimum volumes or history - we simply clean it and put it into action, eliminating all barriers to data science advancement.

Our Modelers

At Nousot, we build machine learning algorithms and data integration engines that are the first of their kind. They fold your data into predictive models that gain and uphold profound expertise in your business.

Our Predictions

Nousot constantly rebuilds, validates, and reinforces its models with the most panoramic lens ever engineered into an analytics solution. Our predictions put you far ahead of the curve, and only expand your lead.

Key Features

Global Pulse

Automated Discovery and Analysis at Scale


Driver Insights and Model Impacts, in Real Time

Dynamic Modeling

Continuous Learning for Optimal Agility

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